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custom wood garage doors custom wood garage doors custom wood garage doors custom wood garage doors

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custom wood garage doors custom wood garage doors

Questions about Wood Doors

Please see the information below about our doors, their construction, pricing, etc. Then complete our free estimate form. Unsure about door details? Call 1-800-491-9636. We have door designers available to assist you Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain time for the exceptional service you deserve!

Need help choosing a door design? See our garage door design tips.

Curious about recycled or reclaimed wood? Learn about wood with a story.

Want to accessorize? See door hardware and glass window options.

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Wood Finish

All doors are shipped unfinished. It is assumed that all prices given do not include paint, stain or finish unless predetermined with the design team. We highly recommend that the stain or paint is done onsite as matching existing finishes is easier when done with similar finish materials. We believe that this will provide our customers with the quality and attention to detail that they are seeking.

The Preparation of your Montana Rustics door is a very important part of the finished product. Your door must be protected from the weather.

Prior to their installation, your garage door is most susceptible to absorbing moisture, warping and twisting. Doors in their unfinished state should be stored out of the weather, flat, in a dry location. Avoid direct contact with concrete floors, storage in outside buildings or any other place that may have abnormal or varying temperatures or humidity levels.

If Painting we recommend that before installation that the door be lightly sanded and primed with at least one coat of oil-based primer. The door must be finished on all surfaces uniformly. That includes both faces and all four edges. If one side is treated differently than the other side, it may absorb moisture at a different rate and may cause warp. We recommend consulting your local paint and stain experts to receive accurate information on the specific type of wood and your climate for any stain or painting needed.

This will ensure a valid warranty and protect your door from warping caused by interior or exterior weather conditions. Many exterior finishes are designed to penetrate into the grain of the wood and protect the interior of the wood. These products are good but must be used in combination with other products that protect the surface of the wood, such as varnish and urethanes. Also note that most stains give no protection to wood, they only give wood color. Most quality exterior finishes will only last for two or three years before they loose some of their effective moisture protection characteristics. They must be refinished properly on a regular basis. Consult your local paint supplier for the best product in you area, including transparent finishes.

Proper protection and quality product will protect your wood and your investment.

Consult your Montana Rustics representative for pricing on stains, paints and other weather preserving alternatives if available. Ask about stain grade paint and other options such as Environmentally safe, not toxic milk paint.


Our custom doors begin with a 2-sided flush section with insulated core and framework, luan plywood front and back with our unique overlay on the front of the door. Semi Custom doors construction will vary. Typically the construction is three-layer. Insulation is optional.


We recommend that if the door is painted, that it should be painted every 2-3 years. If stained, then re-stain per the manufactures recommendation. Rollers and hinges should be checked periodically for looseness or wear. We highly recommend that you contact a professional garage door company to service and maintain your garage door.


As these doors are custom in design and the weight and technicality of the installation can vary, professionals in your area can install them because they install just like the door down the street.


We ship anywhere in the continental United States. Shipping to other areas possible also. Just ask! Lead Time is approx. 4-6 weeks. We have a manufacturing facility to meet your time goals as best we can; lead-time may vary. We will make every effort to work with your construction or remodel schedule.

Crating of door is necessary to insure that your garage door is delivered to you undamaged.


One year on workmanship & materials; Garage door must be sealed properly to validate warranty. Incorrect installation may result in void of warranty. Warranty does not apply to non-manufacturer damage. (i.e. on site, consequential, indirect or incidental damage etc.)

The custom garage doors we provide are very high quality. Care has been taken in selecting the quality materials. If a defect does occur, Montana Rustics will replace the door with an equal product. We assume no responsibility for the cost of re-hanging the replacement door supplied.


Standard Sizes are [9 x 7] & [9 x 8], [16 x 7] & [16 x 8]

Custom sizes are available up to 18' wide . . .however whenever possible we highly recommend wood doors remain 12' wide or less, as many custom doors with a full overlay create what can be a very heavy door.

If the door is overly heavy, it will not run as smoothly and may need more maintenance as the hardware bears much of the weight. We highly recommend extra support with struts on any door over 12' and the use of 3" track with commercial hardware. Our design department can assist you with any structural design needs.

Garage Door Hardware

All hardware and torsion spring counter balance systems are included with price of door unless specified or requested otherwise. We use quality heavy-duty hardware and special rollers for smooth operation engineered for the design and weight of your custom door(s). Special hardware is available for low headroom situations. Struts are recommended on insulated doors as variations of inside and outside temperatures may possibly cause bowing. This is not due to a manufactures defect.

Customers say:

"Thank you so much for all your help and great service. The doors look great. We are very please with them, the installation, and your company's service. Have a great new year!"
— Janell Barber
custom wood garage doors
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